Exercise Bikes

Why should you choose Steelflex exercise bikes in Melbourne? Basically, they’re incredibly easy to use and offer comfort to the user. There are two different types to choose from – recumbent (which allows the user to sit back in a chair whilst they pedal) and upright (which mimics a similar atmosphere to cycling outdoors) – for maximum user convenience.


The great thing about Steelflex’s recumbent bikes is that the LCD screen is mounted on a swing arm. This means it can be moved out of the way if access is a problem and, if moved to the right, offers the user an unobstructed view of the room ahead whilst keeping the controls in easy reach. There is a lifetime warranty offered on the frame for peace of mind.


If you’re in need of commercial exercises bikes, Steelflex is often the brand of choice. Their budget option offers incredible value for money – the Durafirm seat offers stability and comfort, whilst the console is very easy to use. Their premium option is a step above the rest – the seat is anatomically designed, the belt drive is quiet, and the handlebars can also be adjusted.