Plate Loaded Machines

Being able to lift a specific weight is incredibly beneficial in a muscle building routine, as it ensures that you can gradually increase the resistance instead of having to make do with the increments offered (as with pin loaded machines). This is why Steelflex offers a range of plate loaded gym equipment, which you can add heavier or lighter weight plates on as required.


Steelflex have a variety of plate loaded weight machines to choose from, including: t-bar row machine, seated row, shoulder press, incline chest press, bench press, leg extension, plate loaded leg press, lat pulldown, biceps curl, triceps extension, leg curl, seated calf and preacher curls. This ensures that you can perform almost whatever exercise you desire at the weight of your choice.


No one wants to walk into a gym that has weight plates left lying all over the floor – it doesn’t look nice and it’s a safety hazard, too. This is why Steelflex have included storage horns with their plate loaded machines – this will not only keep the plates looking neat and tidy when not in use, they’ll keep them within easy reach of the users performing their workouts.