Rack & Smith Machines

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to use rack and smith machines as a part of your weight lifting routine – if you happen to be exercising by yourself, you won’t need to assistance of a spotter and, if you’re a beginner or still a little unstable, you’ll be able to achieve the correct lifting posture. Steelflex manufactures a variety of these machines for your convenience.


Steelflex have a variety of machines to choose from, including: multi press racks, multi squat press racks, power racks, counter balanced machines, mega power machines, and 3D machines. This variety ensures that users can perform a number of different exercises correctly and safely, chest presses and squats through to shoulder presses and so on.


One of the main reasons to invest in Steelflex smith machines is to improve the safety of your gym. In some cases, the barbells are mounted into the rack so that they move up and down fluidly. There are varying points along the rack where the barbell can be hooked if it becomes too heavy. In others, the barbell can be moved freely out of the frame but hooked into place easily.