Single Pin Loaded Machines

Many people prefer pin loaded machines because they’re easy to use (simply insert the pin at your desired resistance and off you go) and they are very clear about the exercise in question (which is very handy for beginners). Steelflex have recognised this popularity, which is why they have so many of these machines in their repertoire – find everything you need in the one place.


Steelflex have a variety of pin loaded weight machines to choose from, including: chest press, leg extension, lat pulldown, leg curl, biceps curl, leg presses, pec fly, shoulder press, ab crunch, tricep press, outer thigh abductor, tricep extension, lateral raise, chest incline press, multi hip, back extension, seated row, rotary torso, assisted chin-up, chest press and seated row.


All of Steelflex’s pin loaded gym equipment has been manufactured using highly durable materials, which ensures that they’ll be able to withstand the wear and tear exerted by a commercial gym. All of the seats feature Durafirm padding and the handles are coated with flexible rubber, which ensures that users will be comfortable at all times whilst working out.