As the treadmill is often the equipment of choice when it comes to cardiovascular workouts, it should come as no surprise that Steelflex make some of the best models on the market. They are the perfect option for commercial gyms, as they are relatively compact and incredibly easy for users of all shapes and sizes to use. Anyone and everyone can get the blood pumping.


Each of Steelflex’s treadmills in Melbourne offer a variety of programs, ensuring that every user is able to achieve their fitness goals. Some of the programs on offer include: trudging (which is often used for warming up), brisk walking, jogging, endurance running, sprinting, sprinting and walking, metabolism training, and hill training. And this only scrapes the surface!


Steelflex have complete faith in their commercial treadmills, which is why they offer exceptional warranties on them. They each come with a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 3 year warranty on the motor and drive system, a 2 year warranty on their parts, and a 1 year warranty on labour. This peace of mind is invaluable to anyone who runs a commercial gym.